Sports Hero Day

We had a fantastic Sports Hero Day today!


First we made tennis rackets and paper balls and then we had a go at using a balloon as a tennis ball … we were very tired by the end of the session!


Then we meet our special school visitor, Sally Gunnell! She told us all about how her passion for athletics started …  playing ‘kiss chase’ when she was 5 years old!

Sally even presented Immy with her birthday card. How exciting!

After lunch we went to Miss Cook in Year 2 and learnt about the Tour De France. We even designed a new race shirt.

In the last sessions of the day we learnt about Eddy the Eagle and Mary King the equestrian.

A fun day was had by all!


Africa Alive! Grrrrrrrr!

We had a fantastic trip to Africa Alive today. The morning started with a talk from one of the staff about what life is like in a range of countries in Africa. We met Sherlock the mouse who would normally be trying to get into farmers grain stores for a nice snack. We had a look at some ivory jewelry and talked about why it was wrong to hunt elephants for their tusks. We also had a go at communicating with drums!


After a quick break we then went off to see the otters and the meerkats being fed … as well of course as getting a few stamps on our cards.


After lunch we explored the rest of the park, collecting stamps as we went. We were particularly looking forward to seeing the baby Zebra!

Thank you to all the mum’s and nanny who came along to help us!


Maths Week

This week we have enjoyed recognising coins and using money as part of maths week. All the practise that we have had over the past couple of weeks counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10 has really helped us get a handle on counting different coins together.


Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and carers who came to our sale of handmade postcards and lollies. We made £27.24 which will be used for a treat for all the children.


Teacher take over day

Congratulations to Mr Wright who had a successful day as Turtles class teacher!


He started the day greeting all the children as they came into the classroom. Once the register had been taken he took the children into assembly where he presented Louie with a ‘Pupil of the Week’ certificate.

Once we were back in the classroom and the spelling test had been administered smoothly Mr Wright split the class into 3 groups. Each group rotated through three stations: playing English based games on the iPads, a Punctuation game on the interactive whiteboard and Mr Wright reading a story.

With break time over and a few minor disagreements between pupils dealt with Mr Wright got straight into teaching Maths. On today’s lesson plan was counting in 100’s and pairs challenging each other to answer number sentences.

Once the Burning Question had been answered and work had been marked, with a few ‘Pink for Think’ ‘s, it was time for a well earned lunch in the staffroom with fellow teacher from Tigers class, Miss Stroud.



After lunch it was back to the classroom for a lesson about Volcanos, before the whole class enjoyed a tea party with the Headteacher, Miss Richie and Deputy Head, Miss Burnett.

Before long it was time to get ready to go home. Mr Wright showed all the pupils out making sure they were safely with their parents and carers, as well as offering them a packet of sweets each for the journey home.

Well done Mr Wright, Turtles had a fantastic day in your class!



Chicks and battle preparation!

We hope you are aware by now that the children have had some visitors in the classroom this week … Archie, Beatrice, Claude, Dotty, Elvis, Flossy, Ginger, Honey and Iggy have enjoyed watching us learn as much as we have enjoyed learning about them! If you would like to know more follow the link to our ‘Chicks at Pakefield’ blog       http://ducksatpakefield.wordpress.com/


In other news the preparations for our battle and feast are going well!